Please contact Fr. Gerry to discuss the possibility of becoming a Lector at Mass.



Lector Guidelines


  • Be sure to arrive at least fifteen minutes prior to the start of Mass, to read the greeting and announcements over before Mass, to get the Lectionary in place, put the light on over the book and to be certain that the microphone is in the proper position for maximum projection of your voice during the readings, and most importantly to have time to prepare yourself to participate in this important ministry.


  • The Lectionary and intercessions should be placed on the Ambo before Mass begins.


  • Be sure to read the Scriptures from the Lector Workbook before arriving at Mass, so as to be as prepared as possible for proclaiming God’s Word.


  • Be sure that the sound system is on before the beginning of Mass.


  • If you are unable to serve at your scheduled Mass, please find a replacement for yourself. Call as soon as possible to give them plenty of time to practice the readings.


  • After proclaiming the introduction to the readings (i.e. “a reading from the Book of the Prophet Isaiah”) pause briefly before beginning the reading. At the end of the reading, pause again before saying, “the Word of the Lord.” do not move the ribbon to another page.


  • After reading the greeting and announcements before Mass, go to the vestibule to join the procession. After the Opening Prayer come forward, bow to the altar and proceed to the Ambo. At the end of the reading return to your seat to join in the singing of the Psalm. At the end of the Psalm, if there is only one Lector, return to the Ambo. If there are two Lectors, the second Lector approaches the Ambo.


  • At the appropriate time (near the end of the recitation of the Creed) you will return to the Sanctuary for the the General Intercessions. After the Concluding Prayer return to your seat in the congregation once again.


  • To enhance what we are doing in proclaiming the Word of God, readers are reminded to dress appropriately.



  • When Mass is over, return the Lectionary and the General Intercessions to the sacristy, open on the counter as you found them. After the last Mass return the Lectionary to its place on the shelf and leave the Intercessions on the counter. Also, turn out the light on the lectern and turn off the sound system.


Thank you for participating in this important ministry!