Eucharistic Ministers

Please contact Fr. Gerry to discuss the possibility of becoming a Eucharistic Minister at Mass.


Guidelines for Eucharistic Ministers


  • Arrive at least fifteen minutes prior to the start of Mass so as to have time to prepare yourself to share in this very important ministry.


  • Shortly before Mass begins gather silently in the vestibule to join the opening procession.


  • As you approach the sanctuary bow to the altar, turn and proceed to your seat.


  • As soon as the Lamb of God begins proceed to the front of the sanctuary, bow together and go stand to the right of the altar. Ministers should stand directly in front of the step, not back near the table. There is no need to step forward or backward when receiving the Eucharist.


  • At the end of Communion the chalices should be placed on the credence table with the purificators folded next to them (not placed on top of the chalice). The minister of the Host should quietly enter the sacristy to get the bulletins to be distributed to people leaving by the side door. Then one minister of the cup should proceed to the closet in the vestibule to get bulletins to distribute at the doors near the ramp.   When the bulletins have been distributed return them to the sacristy or closet. After the last Mass place them in the bulletin container near the doors.


  • The remaining minister will join Fr. Gerry and the Lector to bow and process behind the servers, then purify the vessels after Mass.


  • As a reflection of the importance of this ministry everyone is reminded to dress appropriately.



Thank you for sharing in this important ministry!